Anatomy Of A Bra: Seamed Cups

Jacqueline Wells


Multi-Part Cups, also called “cut & sew cups” and “seamed cups,” is where there are seams in the cups.

There are several seamed cup variations:

Horizontal seams: this seam design tends to give a more projected and slightly conical shape to the cup.

Vertical center seams: more commonly found in demi or balconette cup shapes, this vertical center seam is very supportive and gives an uplifting effect to the breasts.

Transversal seams: this seam type is arched or curved in shape, and thus gives a more rounded shape to the breast tissue while also being very supportive.

Diagonal seams: provide support, centering and lift to the breasts. And the diagonal design (generally starting low in the center and getting higher at the sides) also gives a very flattering appearance to the wearer.