Anatomy Of A Bra: Hooks

Jacqueline Wells

Bra Hooks
For optimal wear, your bra’s back closure hooks should fit snug on the first (closest to the end) set of loops. As you bra gets warn and natural stretch takes place over time, you will then be able to tighten your bra by hooking on the other sets of loops. There are several opinions out there as to how many hooks should be on the back of a bra for optimal support. Young women tend to want fewer hooks because they don’t want their bra to look like a harness. Older women tend to want more hooks because they feel they get more support and less back bulges. The answer here is to leave it to the manufacturer and their designers. More hooks do not necessarily guarantee a more supportive fit.

Here is an example of a very supportive bra with a pared down back hook count. This bra is still supportive, but incorporating a leotard back design, the back looks lighter while still giving great support. If hook count is important to you, please know that HerRoom provides this information in our “Fitters Comments” section just below the “Detail” description on every bra we sell.