Anatomy Of A Bra: Sides/Back (Wings)

Jacqueline Wells

Bra Wings
The sides and back of your bra can play a major role in giving you support and can be instrumental in creating or preventing flesh bulges. When looking at an unhooked back closure bra, you can see that on each side of your cups a piece of fabric is sewn on that has at its end on side of the hook & eye back closure system. Many refer to these two pieces as bra wings. It makes sense when you know that many times a bra does not have a side seam, so this fabric piece incorporates the side and back of a bra.

Do you want to know if your bra is made with quality fabric that will last a long time? Do the stretch test. Simply stretch your wings. An inferior fabric that is somewhat flimsy and overly stretchy fatigues quickly. This fabric won’t be very supportive and will stretch out after just a few months of wear. Instead, you want the wings to have a resistant stretch. If a bra’s sides and back are made with powernet, this is the best fabric to be used. Powernet is also the fabric used in high-end compression garments. It has a resistant stretch that will give you great support and last for many wearings without becoming stretching out. An important note her is that you should have 3 bras that you rotate – one to wear, one to wear the next day, and one to wash. A bra should be allowed to rest at least 24 hours between wearing again so that the fabric has the opportunity to return to its original shape. This will greatly increase the life of your bras.