How To Find The Perfect Fitting Strapless Bra

Jacqueline Wells

The strapless bra is a must-have for every woman in her wardrobe, however it gets a bad wrap because rarely do they fit correctly or stay up.  And, there is nothing more unattractive than a well-heeled woman stopping to pull up her strapless dress and bra because she thinks it’s falling down – this simply ruins her look completely.

So, what’s the deal with strapless bras? Well, they are the ultimate authority as to whether or not you are truly in your correct bra size.  Whereas traditional bras have straps that can help you kind of cheat, a strapless bra has to be the right size or it won’t stay up.

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A couple of myths or misconceptions about strapless bras are floating around out there. First, women feel they need to change their bra size – go down a band size for example – in order to get a strapless bra that will fit.  This is wrong.  If you are truly in your correct bra size, you should buy a strapless bra in that same size.  If it doesn’t fit, you need to re-check your bra size.  Most strapless bras are made with extra reinforcements such as gripper tape along the inside edges or silicone strips that help keep your bra up.

Strapless bras can give your breast support if you are wearing the right size. A quick test is to put on your strapless bra, then jump up and down a few times.  If it is the right size it should stay put.  You can also look at your self in a mirror wearing a traditional bra and a strapless bra.  You should see that your breasts are in the same place and supported by both bra styles.

When selecting a strapless bra, there are some features you should look to get and avoid.  Look at the back wing.  The best strapless bras will be cut so that it goes straight across your back and be made of very firm elastic material – powernet – that when you pull on it is not overly stretchy. This way you know you have support.  The center panel of a strapless bra should also be nice and tall to give you support and stabilize the cups.  Underwires in strapless bras are longer than your average underwires – go up higher in both the center and sides of your breasts. Also avoid skimpy backs where there are only 1 or 2 hooks because they do not offer as much support.

There are many strapless bra styles out there.  The bandeau style runs straight across your chest.  Many have a sweetheart neckline.  Some have lace and embellishment while others focus on being smooth and invisible.  And a great strapless bra that is also a convertible bra and comes with detachable straps  is a winner for giving you even more options.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom