Why You Should Invest In a Good Bra

Jacqueline Wells

For some women it may be difficult to understand why paying good money for a bra is a necessity. However, there are plenty of reasons besides just looking fabulous to invest in a great bra. Find out below what happens when you don’t take the time to find a bra that fits.


Back Pain
A bra that is not properly fitted or one that does not hold up your breasts can cause other muscles in your body to make up for the lack of support. This can lead to pain in your shoulders, neck, and back because the muscle that connects the neck to the shoulder can become strained.

Breathing Problems
A study done by the British School of Osteopathy shows ill-fitting bras can put stress on bones and muscles which can cause breathing problems. If a bra is too tight it can cause too much pressure on the rib cage, making other areas of the body work harder. This also goes to show that wearing sports bras all the time is not a great idea either. Sports bras are solely meant for exercise or physical activity. Overusing sports bras is something to stay away from because they are more constraining than normal bras.

What To Do?
If you feel like your bra may be too tight, uncomfortable or not giving you the support you need, try our step by step guide on knowing your breasts and finding the perfect bra for your shape! Wearing the correct bra size is more than just for looks, it is for your health!