Barely 40: Between The Sheets

Jacqueline Wells

Stephanie is a forty-something free spirit who believes “older and wiser” doesn’t have to mean “boring and unadventurous.”


I’m barely 40, and I can say with 100% confidence I have my lingerie under control. The days of ill-fitted bras are a thing of the past. My breasts are lifted and separated just the way they should be, and panties to match. I’m a rock star!

While I was getting ready for bed, I noticed I was wearing: a crummy t-shirt and mismatched pair of boxers that was purchased years ago. Surely I have something that matches. I went through my pajama drawer and found more of the same. Shameful. I shut the drawer in disgust. When did I become so careless with my pajamas? I don’t need to wear something skimpy to bed every night, but I want it to be comfortable, cute, and to match!

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I jumped online and started sorting through some camisole and short sets. Much to my surprise, I found sets that were cute AND affordable! My handsome hubby walked into our room, curious to see what I was up to. I shamefully told him about my pajama drawer situation. I showed him a few items I was thinking about purchasing, and he liked them. I like to have a few pairs of warmer sleepwear when it gets cold outside, so my search expanded into longer-sleeved tops and pants.

Finally, after spending quite some time finding new comfy sleepwear, my hubby and I were pleased with the final selections. He and myself are thrilled at the idea of me not coming to bed in those cruddy t-shirt and mismatched cut off shorts. My order will be here by the end of the week and I’m so excited!

Here’s my suggestion: go through your pajama drawer. You deserve something soft and new to sleep in!