Barely 40: Don’t Sweat The Sweater Dress

Jacqueline Wells

Stephanie is a forty-something free spirit who believes “older and wiser” doesn’t have to mean “boring and unadventurous.”


Fall has finally arrived! And with the change in seasons, comes the change in your wardrobe. My favorite fall item? The sweater dress.

I was out the other day and decided to stop in to one of my new favorite boutiques. I wanted to see if they had anything new, and sure enough the new fall collection was out. As I was browsing, I spotted a couple of really cute sweater dresses. Of course, with shopping comes the “trying it on” factor. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to try on clothes, especially when I’m not mentally prepared. I convinced myself to try them on, because clothes fly out of here like hotcakes!


I slip into the first dress and my first reaction is not “I’m in love with this dress!”. I try on the second one, and again didn’t have the “WOW” factor I was looking for. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the problem was, and then it hit me. It wasn’t the dress I didn’t like; my undergarments were the problem! And, no, I’m not talking about the wrong bra size. Something else was the problem.

I bought the dress and took it home to try it on again. I finally saw why I wasn’t getting my “WOW” factor! I need a control camisole or bodysuit. Let’s face it ladies, most of us don’t have the perfect midriff, and something clingy like a sweater dress will magnify that. “Under Guard” as I like to call control camis/bodysuits, come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they’re more comfortable to wear than when Spanx first came out. I shiver at the thought of my first pair of Spanx. Let’s just say, it wasn’t “spanktaculor”!

I threw on my control cami, and viola! There’s that “WOW” factor! I can’t wait to show off my new sweater dress.