Barely 40: Only For Special Occasions?

Jacqueline Wells

Lingerie for special occasions
Stephanie is a forty-something free spirit who believes “older and wiser” doesn’t have to mean “boring and unadventurous.”

When you’ve been in a long-term relationship, whether it be a marriage or partnership, it’s easy to fall in a rut with each other. I’ve been married to my husband for (x) years and I can’t think of the last time I blew his mind away with something sexy, like a teddy or garter belt. I think it’s been at least five years! Let me tell you ladies, that’s 5 years too long!

After all of these years, my husband and I are still hot for each other. Besides getting excited anytime I pull something out of the oven, he loves it when I come home with a new matching bra and panty set. He knows I’ll model it for him, which in return always leads to something we both love.


A matching bra and panty set is sexy, but what if I really wanted to spice things up and surprise my husband? With that thought in mind, I was searching online for what’s new in the lingerie world. Thinking that lingerie doesn’t necessarily go “out of style”, I was shocked to find what I currently own is outdated! Shame on me! Naturally, I have to stay with the current fashion trends. Are there any special occasions coming up to justify me buying some new sexy wear? His birthday came and went, our anniversary was a month ago, Christmas is a few months away… Wait, do I really need a special occasion to buy something sexy for my man? NO.

There it was, my justification. Let’s shop! A few of my problems I have with shopping for sexy lingerie are supporting the girls, covering my stomach and butt. As I’m writing this and shopping online I find some styles that meet my criteria: an underwire to hold up the girls, cover my less than abs of steel, and show enough of my butt but not so much that it turns me off. I’m sold!

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