Barely 40: To Match Or Not To Match?

Jacqueline Wells

matching bra panties

While lingerie shopping with my best friend, I realized we had a major difference in opinion when it comes to whether or not bras and panties need to match.

I was checking out the new fun summer colors my favorite bra brand had available. I was in love with their new apricot color – and, bonus, they had them in my size! Hurray for me as I turned to show my flashy finds to my friend.

She just smiled and looked at her watch. “Ok,” I said, “just let me find the matching panties and we’ll be out of here.” She handed me a pair of white ones and said, “let’s go.”

Grabbing a pair of apricot panties, I reminded her that my bras and panties always have to match. She smiled again and said, “yeah, you’re ridiculous.”

Is it really ridiculous? I’ve always had to have my bra and panties match. I would feel like I had a mismatched pair of shoes on if they didn’t match. Yes, I understand the logic that no one is going to see them except me or my husband (if he’s lucky.)  But I don’t care if I have to pay a little extra cash for the complete look. It just looks prettier. I’ve always said nothing makes a girl feel sexier than a new bra and panty set or a new pair of shoes.

So where do you stand on this? Does matching matter?