Barely 40: Who Loves Boy Shorts? This Girl. You Should Too

Jacqueline Wells

Stephanie is a forty-something free spirit who believes “older and wiser” doesn’t have to mean “boring and unadventurous.”


Comfy, sexy, lacy – love these undies!

For the longest time, I was the biggest advocate for thongs. But now, looking back on it all, they were uncomfortable and really just for show. Plus at $25 a pop, they just don’t seem worth it. A lacy boy short for the same price (or $5-$10 more) is just as sexy!

Thongs work for a lot of women, especially those still in their 20’s. After having kids, I look for undergarments that are sexy AND comfortable. Not either/or.

Can I get a “Hell Yeah?”

So I have these amazing boy shorts, and they rock. Lace, cotton, and spandex: Either way, I love them.

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