5 Swimsuit Cover Up Must-Haves

Jacqueline Wells

Swimsuit season is upon us—hopefully sooner rather than later. Figuring out what to wear over your swimsuit is just as important as finding the right swimsuit (if you’re anything like me and completely self-conscious in a suit). What activities I have before and after the swim guide my cover up choices. Swimsuit cover up lesson learned the hard way: dresses and skirts don’t work on a speedboat! Here are five swimsuit cover ups to get you from here to there.

swimsuit cover up

1 – Maxi Dress
I kiddingly call my black maxi dress my modern-day muumuu, but it really does function the same way as my grandma’s muumuu. She wore it around the house, to the pool, from the bathroom to her closet. I do the exact same thing with my maxi dress. This is my go-to swimsuit cover up that I can wear into the grocery store or even to grab lunch with friends.

2 – Drawstring Pant
I’m little in the middle, but I’ve got much back – which is why the drawstring pant option is my favorite for wearing around the pool. I’m comfortable from the torso up but not so much about my bottom half. If I’m going to be socializing and not just sunbathing, I feel most comfortable in this swimsuit cover up.

3 – Pareo
I collect pareos (or sarongs) whenever I travel someplace warm with sandy beaches. I love the color variations from beach town to beach town. I wear my sarongs while I’m lying by the pool. I can cover up areas (like my rump), wrap it as skirt or tie around my neck like a dress. The flexibility of this swimsuit cover up makes it a must have.

4 – Board Shorts
I live hundreds of miles from ocean shores and surfboards, but I do love to canoe in the summer. Board shorts are a great cover up for more active days. They dry quickly and provide great coverage when chances are higher for a “wardrobe malfunction.”

5 – Caftan
For the pool party or the pool scene where it’s seen and be seen, the caftan is a must. The flowing fabric offers an exotic appeal, like you’re sitting at Morrocan hotel pool…or you just want to feel a little sexier.

What are your favorite swimsuit cover ups? Do have different ones for different occasions?

Meghan Barich is a writer, the storyteller at meghanbarich.com and a proud Hoosier. When she’s not crafting the next story, you can find her nose-in-a-book or walking her dog, Moose.