Brand Spotlight: Amoena

Amoena Brand Spotlight

Amoena is well-known for its line of symmetry solutions: pads and prosthetic forms that even out or create breast shape, especially after mastectomies.

The Amoena bras are comfortable yet gently supportive, ideal for post-surgery. For over 35 years, Amoena has been consistently designing and improving the products available for this market. Many of their bras are designed with pockets to hold forms or graduated padding, but the bras can also be worn without pads.

Amoena was the first company to create innovative breast forms for post-mastectomy woman. The company was founded over 35 years ago by Cornelius Rechenberg, who committed himself to producing quality products for the post-mastectomy market. Through the decades, the brand has expanded to offer both soft cup and molded underwire bras to women of all shapes and sizes. Amoena’s bra collection includes molded soft cup bras, cotton underwire bras, t-shirt bras, balconets, front close bras and more.

Amoena is a market leader in soft-cup bra design, with 25 patents to their credit. One of their most recent innovations is their Comfort+ material, which is constructed with micro-capsules to balance the fluctuation in body temperature and reduce heat build-up in those places women tend to perspire the most. While the new Comfort+ line does not have the internal pockets that many Amoena bras have, comfort and support are still the top priority.

Amoena also supports many women’s health concerns including such organizations as CancerCare, Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation and National Consortium of Breast Centers. In 1994, they launched Amoena Life Magazine, which encourages breast cancer survivors to share their stories and which helps them overcome obstacles to healing. They also sponsor an education website called

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