Brand Spotlight: Chantelle Paris


Since 1876, Chantelle has been dedicated to manufacturing comfortable, high quality and elegant intimate apparel. Chantelle’s goal has always been to help women look and feel beautiful.

Chantelle not only designs but manufactures its own lingerie, which is quite rare in today’s world of outsourced apparel. Chantelle employs hundreds of expert seamstresses, many of whom have worked at Chantelle for more than 25 years. All laces and embroideries are exclusively developed by Chantelle together with Europe’s top quality textile suppliers. You will notice Chantelle’s expertise in the symmetry of the lace design on each cup or in the way a bra just seems to hug your shape. This standard of excellence, both in design and manufacturing, separates Chantelle from the rest.

Original designs, fabrics and trims make every Chantelle collection exclusive. With unique style, comfort and fit, Chantelle offers options for every woman’s needs. From fine laces and exquisite fabrics to unique finishes, Chantelle designers use the latest trends in fabric and styling to bring the consumer stylish, functional lingerie.  Extraordinary care is taken with each garment from design through execution, to create a perfect fit in each size of the bra. Chantelle Paris dresses the women of the world.

Looking for a Chantelle bra that’s invisible under tees, provides maximum coverage, or reduces projection? Chantelle has a bra for every situation and body type. See them all in our Chantelle Bra Solutions Center.

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