Brand Spotlight: Kensie

Her Room Kensie Graphic Kensie is a lifestyle brand for the modern woman trying to make her way through the emotions of life.

We know women change their minds, their clothes, their look, all while trying to figure out their own style in the madness of the ever-changing world.

Designed by Vancouver-based founders, Eric and Lani Karls, Kensie provides a feminine trend combined with a dose of playful charisma. Along with Kensiegirl, Kensie was purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc. in 2006 with both Eric and Lani maintaining creative control to make sure the brand continued to help women feel hip and edgy in a feminine way.

In 2011, Kensie unveiled their lingerie and sleepwear collection, which includes pajamas, nightgowns, nightshirts, robes and chemises.

Kensie’s runway inspired styles can be seen throughout the world, whether that be in an issue of Marie Claire magazine or on celebrities like Taylor Swift.

Customers say Kensie gives them a feeling of freedom that allows them to feel stylish, comfortable and colorful all at the same time.

Customers say the lingerie and sleepwear styles give them a good night’s rest because they are so soft and they also give them a sense of confidence. The pieces in the Kensie collections of bras, panties and sleepwear mix the idea of change, what makes us pretty and what makes us edgy. Women may always be changing like the direction of the wind, so it’s a good thing you have Kensie to keep up with the ebbs and flows of life.

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