Brand Spotlight: Oh La La Cheri

Her Room Oh La La Cherie Graphic Lingerie should make you say, “Oh la la.” And Oh La La Cheri does just that with their flirty, sensual styles of lingerie.

The Parisian-inspired, sexy lingerie uses the finest satin, lace and embellishments to create their sizzling sensations. Baby dolls and chemises accompanied with g-strings and boned herringbone corsets are just a sample of what Oh La La Cheri has to offer a woman wanting to reel in her lover.

Parisian owner and designer, Nicolas Attard brought this French flair to life in Miami in 2006. Attard designs each piece with the goal of enhancing a woman’s femininity and evoking sexuality.

And as the company continues to grow, they plan to roll out new collections each year. One of the best selling Oh La La Cheri collections is the Nora. This collection features voluptuous pieces with sheer lace and sheer sides. Another favorite is the Stephanie collection. One of its best selling pieces is the Stephanie Padded Bra with exotic colors and an ultimate lift.

Women say they love the Stephanie Padded Bra because it is comfortable while being wild and free. One woman said she loved to even fall asleep in the bra because she forgot she had it on. Other customers say the Nora Lace Back Tang Panty is their favorite. One customer said the panty was so hot that she got the entire set and fell in love with it. She said her boyfriend fell in love with it, too.

Oh La La Cheri also offers garters that are not only beautiful, but comfortable as well. They can go under party dresses or even a wedding gown for that extra dose of French flair. Sizes in the collections go up to 2XL making it easier for more women to find the perfect size that fits their needs.

The best thing about Oh La La Cheri lingerie is that it boosts the confidence of women wearing it while keeping them surrounded in comfort. Being playful and flirty is a nice distraction from the busy life of women today. Put on a piece and just say, “Oh la la.”

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