Brand Spotlight: Pretty Polly

pretty polly

Women know you cannot just throw on any pair of tights with a skirt or dress. Women want them to fit well, not fall down and overall just feel as if they have nothing on while looking stylish. Pretty Polly creates this type of¬†hosiery¬†and more for women. The “more” is the fact Pretty Polly is known for their unique, exotic designs of fashion-forward hosiery. Pretty Polly is anything but boring.

The most famous collection in the Pretty Polly brand is designed by Henry Holland; one of London’s most prestigious designers. The House of Holland collection features cutting-edge legwear by mixing sheer and opaque fabrics with its own twist on unique designs.

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Other collections include Nylons, which combine the sheer, glossy 1940’s retro look with 21st century technology; and Catwalk, which features fashion tights in quirky, flirty styles. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna have been seen in Pretty Polly fashions.

Pretty Polly designers are known for these unique styles so they keep pumping out new and fun designs as well as the traditional ones that made them known worldwide many decades ago. They offer classic fishnets, sheer gloss tights and opaque tights, but also exclusive, wild patterns that cannot be seen in many other collections.

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