Brand Spotlight: Reebok

Swimwear should be elegant, functional and durable. Reebok Sport Fashion provides this type of swimwear for women with their unique fabrics and high-quality styles. Reebok swimsuits feature “Xtra Life Lycra” that resists chlorine. This innovative technology promotes the life of the swimsuit by retaining the color, shape and longevity of the fabric, longer than traditional swim fabrics.

Bras are designed with anti-bounce features and soft cups for maximum comfort and support. The technology doesn’t stop there. Reebok swimwear provides tummy control and is made with antimicrobial material allowing each suit to be anti-odor, anti-bacterial. Reebok designs their swimsuits to active and also elegant.

There are many styles with many different types of backs: a portrait back featuring a non-slip fit, an ultra U-Back for bust support, an adjustable bra back for a more personalized fit, and the H-back for surround support of the chest and back. Reebok offers women swimwear they can live in and swim in.

The key to Reebok swimwear is the Xtra Life Lycra. Normal fabrics deteriorate in pools over time as the pool chemicals break them down. Xtra Life Lycra lasts much longer and makes a large difference in the performance and lifespan of a swimsuit. 

Along with Xtra Life Lycra, Reebok swimsuits include a soft nylon fabric. This makes the swimsuit comfortable and smooth whether you are wearing it for an entire day on the beach or just for a quick swim. Reebok is one of the most well-known brands in the world and has been the focus of many television shows and worn by many celebrities. In 2012, the swimwear graced the cover of Sports Illustrated for their Swimsuit Issue. Model Kate Upton had many people talking about football… and her sizzling swimwear.

Reebok swimwear gives women high-quality suits to wear in or near the water. Their unique styles and bright designs give women a boost of confidence knowing they look good. The fabric and added embellishments like lightly padded contour cups just add to the luxury of Reebok swimwear. Reebok has always been a company changing the world of fashion. 

With its swimwear, women will get a long-lasting piece that smooths her and makes her even more beautiful.

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