Brand Spotlight: Shock Absorber

shock absorber
Shock Absorber sports bras use the highest technology to resist bounce. Breasts contain no muscles, and once they sag, they will not return to the prior shape. Shock Absorber puts a stop to this fear of sagging by using compression, encapsulation and high quality construction techniques in their bras. Breast movements are reduced by more than 74% when wearing a Shock Absorber bra.

The bras are offered in different support levels so women can find their perfect level of comfort. Level 1 is for the person that is not too active, but needs good support. Level 4 is for high-impact sports where bounce is common. Shock Absorber uses a mix of soft polyester and polyamide to make their bras soft and functional. Whichever color and style you choose of bra, Shock Absorber promises one thing – no bounce.

Shock Absorber might be one of the only bras in the world of lingerie to mix science with fabric to create the perfect combination or comfort and support. Helping women stay perky and supported is their main goal. Shock Absorber designers know women need no distractions when being active. They shouldn’t have to worry about the support of a bra failing them. With the wide selection of Shock Absorber bras, women will always have something comfortable and stylish to wear when working out.

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