Brand Spotlight: Spanx


Spanx has changed the way women dress and we can thank one person, Sara Blakely, who created Spanx by cutting up a pair of panty hose to create an undergarment to fight the dreaded VBL—Visible Panty Line. Growing from one women’s entrepreneurial dream, the Spanx shapewear line now includes Spanx panties, tummy control shapewear, Spanx hosiery, and new Spanx bras.

Celebrities swear by Spanx and for good reason. The various Spanx styles smooth, shape, and can make you look 5-10 pounds slimmer. With styles that range from panties to thigh-length to footless pantyhose to full bodysuits, Spanx styles solve any fashion challenge we women have. Shape your waist, shape your thights, shape pretty much everything and do so in comfort that earlier girdle-wearing generations could have only dreamed about.

But looks aren’t everything. What makes Spanx the champion of shapewear is the fit. For example, unlike other brands, with sewn-on elastic leg bands, Spanx are one-piece and seamless, designed to lay flat against your leg with no riding up and no dreaded “saddle bags.” The crotch is high-quality cotton, well-made enough to substitute for underwear. The waistband liberates us from that binding, too-tight suffocating feeling of the typical rubber-cord waistband. No cord, no pain.

If you’re new to Spanx, we think you’ll find comfort far beyond typical shapewear. If you’re already a fan, you’ll find many new styles to try at HerRoom. Either way, we think Spanx will be your new best friend.

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