Brand Spotlight: Splendid

Splendid Brand Spotlight Splendid clothing blankets you in a sense of peace whether lounging or being active. You may forget you are even wearing anything at all!

Their claim to fame is using 50 percent Supima cotton, a luxurious cotton that gives the fabric body, and 50 percent micro modal, a form of rayon that is silky soft and deeply absorbs dyes.

Splendid was started by Moise Emquies, a law student who in his free time designed t-shirts for a friend who owned a boutique.

After researching the best quality fabrics out there, it took Emquies ten years before finding the perfect fabric combination to create the ultimate women’s t-shirts.

In 2002, when Emquies combined micro modal and Supima cotton, the Splendid brand began to blow up the fashion world with its comfort and unique style.

T-shirts started the line, but every article gives the same type of cozy contentment. Splendid designers aim to make all of their products feel like a second skin. Each season Splendid strives to design and produce products made from the best fabrics in the most exquisite styles. They know women love to feel pampered and look amazing.

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