Brand Spotlight: Under Armour

Under Armor Brand Spotlight

If you think Under Armour is just for pro ball players and maybe the high school lacrosse team, think again. Women have now become wearers of Under Armour products too. Yes, while it is the official outfitter for many college football teams, Under Armour’s revolutionary moisture wicking activewear fabric is just as suitable for the weekend or the once-in-awhile athlete. Originally created to be worn under athletic uniforms and pads, Under Armour now makes compression shorts and sports bras, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants and more.

Under Armour women’s lines are not just copies of the men’s line, but are constructed to be high performing and comfortable on a woman’s unique body. Under Armour bras and women’s performance underwear stay in place while keeping the body cool and dry. There is no uncomfortable binding or bunching. Their high-tech fabrics for both heat and cold-weather keep you comfortable and dry no matter the level of your workout or play.

Founded in 1996 by a former University of Maryland football player, Under Armour began with a plan to design a t-shirt that would wick away moisture and provide compression. From there the line expanded to its unique offerings of microfiber gear, designed to regulate temperature and enhance performance. And so the performance product industry was born.

Under Armour fabrics are the result of innovative research and design. They are constantly engineering textile innovations and introducing new technologies to improve their products. Their mission: to make all athletes better through passion, science and to move forward with the relentless pursuit of innovation.

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