Renewed Basics

Jacqueline Wells

Why is it we’re always willing to dish out the cash for a new dress we’ll wear once, but are so hesitant to treat ourselves to the everyday comfort? It’s so easy to subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” practice when it comes to our basics, but maybe it’s time to say “if it’s very dingy and a few years old, let’s refresh.”

Basics should be like a good haircut, they don’t speak too loud, but they’re the basis for your whole style. These are some of our favorite basics that will change the way you look and feel on your simpler chic days and evenings of comfort.


1) Chantelle Basic Invisible Memory Foam T-Shirt Bra 

Somewhere between the land of push-up and sport, we’ve discovered the best of both worlds. Maintain your womanly physique and a sense of comfort. Every woman should have at least one T-Shirt bra and Chantelle has created a spa of comfort for your chest for those “in-betweener” days (which, let’s be honest are every day). Yes, a spa of comfort.


2) Jockey Basic V-Neck Tee 

Transform your layering game. You’ve spent all this time looking for the perfect accessories for your “I tried, but not too hard” date look, so why undercut it with a haphazardly coordinated faded undershirt. Let your style shine with the help of a standard, comfortable, and quality tee.


3) Calvin Klein Second Skin Hipster

The weekend undies can wait. It’s been a long day and you’re not looking to impress. The essence of a granny panty is comfort. Calvin Klein manages to keep us feeling confident and comfortable without the embarrassment of feeling like full-grown women in diapers. When you’re spending all day in a tight business formal pantsuit, you don’t want to be on wedgie patrol.


4) Lily of France Dynamic Duo Seamless Bralette

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to lighten things up. A crop bra can transform a tee from summer sexy to professional in the blink of an eye. Try it on with a low cut shirt or have it as your go-to light impact bra. Quality is better than quantity as they say so save yourself the 10 cheap $1 stretch bras you got on sale and trade them in for these solid Lily of France basic essentials.


5) Hue Basic Anklet 

When’s the last time your running socks matched? We know they haven’t in months and frankly, when they do, it feels too good to ignore! A fresh pair of socks is a simple pleasure, but a necessity for the fully rounded style. You’re an adult; so take care of yourself from head to toe. Your poor toes need a cushion from being banged around all day and it’s important to take care. Refresh your summer basics knowing you’ll be able to reach into your drawer and grab a fresh treat for your feet.


This has been your reminder. Stop skimping on the basics. They take your look from the every day to the runway. Elevate your comfort and style by investing in the pieces you’ll wear day after day. We’re all for a gorgeous and gaudy piece, but there are six other days of the week.