Team USA: Brands Made In America

Team USA marches in the parade of athletes during the Opening Ceremony of the XXI Olympic Winter Games, Feb. 12, 2010.

With the 2014 Winter Olympics just around the corner who doesn’t want to be a little patriotic?

There is a new craze in America, and it is something you and I can both be involved in. This craze involves buying products produced in the U.S.! While some people have been supporting this trend for years now, others are just learning about it.

The “Made in America” trend is taking off and TV shows like “Shark Tank “are expressing great appreciation for contestants who actually make their products stateside. Bloggers and websites are also taking to the craze, and helping people find out which companies make their products in America and which do not.

Unsure of where to get started with the whole “Made in America” trend? Want to make sure your product is really U.S. based? Why not try by going to Her Room first! Go to our website and look on the left side for the Made in the USA  link. By clicking this you can see the endless options from over 54 different companies who make their products in America! These products are not just underwear and bras. The products include sweatpants, yoga pants, shirts, and much more. With great brands such as Hanky Panky, Spanx, and Splendid who doesn’t want products “Made in America”?

Support your country and also get the things you need by buying products from the states. Go Team USA!

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