3 Ways Bras Are Like Shoes

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I’m in the process of a move—moving is the pits! Fortunately, I’ve had several weeks to prepare and take trips back and forth between the two homes. As I’ve taken on one small corner of the house at a time, I’ve discovered forgotten treasures, tossed a bunch of junk and purged piles to donation centers. What I seem to hold onto the most from move to move is my shoes and bras.

Thinking a light bulb of brilliance went off, I checked Google to see if I had an original thought—this shoe-bra relationship. I did not. Good news is that I discovered a blog post by HerRoom founder Tomima Edmark from 6 years ago. Rarely do I have an original idea! So, check out her blog. But I did come up with a few other ways shoes and bras are equals.

3 More Ways Bras are like Shoes

  1. You don’t buy them everyday (or maybe you do?). Typically bras and shoes aren’t the most affordable items in your wardrobe; they’re investment pieces. I buy new shoes when the pair before them has seen better days—and when the season change, and for vacation, and just because. But it’s definitely not everyday. Something typically prompts my need for a new bra or new pair of shoes.
  2. If it fits well, you buy it in every color. I have three pair of clogs in three different colors. These are my comfort shoes, my go-to with jeans. After years of fighting falling bra straps, I found the perfect bra. I now have it in black, nude and white.
  3. Special occasions call for special choices. I have a dress that I adore hanging in my closet. I’ve only worn it once—for a celebrity-filled Super Bowl party, where I drooled all over Blake Shelton. The teal blue heals I wore with that dress hang on my shoe rack, same as they have for two years since that party. The special, backless bra I wore in my drawer? Rewrapped and never re-worn. But I won’t be getting rid of the dress, shoes or bra—another special occasion may be coming!

Can you think of other ways that bras and shoes are the same?

Meghan Barich is a writer, the storyteller at meghanbarich.com and a proud Hoosier. When she’s not crafting the next story, you can find her nose-in-a-book or walking her dog, Moose.

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