Bra Tips And Tests: The Band Test

Bra band test
The back and front of your bra band should be level and parallel to the floor when you look at yourself from the side in a mirror. If the band is too tight, digs into your flesh or is just plain uncomfortable, it’s too small. Signs that your band size is too big include breasts falling out from the bottom of your bra and your bra back riding up. A correctly sized band will fit firmly around you and not ride up in the back.

A new bra should be able to pass this test with the clasp on the loosest fitting—this allows you to tighten the bra as it stretches with wear and washing. Try to avoid buying a bra where the best fit is the bra’s tightest setting. My suggestion is to always try and buy a new bra that fits on its loosest fastening position.

1. Ask someone to slide their hand between your back and the back of your bra.

2. Then have them turn their hand 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to your back.Their hand should not be very firmly wedged…

3. …and they should not be able to pull your bra further away from your back.

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