Bra Tips And Tests: The Center Panel Test

Bra center panel test

It’s best if the center panel between the cups of your bra sits firmly against your chest (sternum). However, there are some exceptions.

1. Women with full touching breasts may not be able to achieve a center panel touching their sternum (see our section on Breast Separation for a detailed discussion).

2. The center panel of wire-free (soft cup) bras may also not sit quite as firmly against your chest because these wire-free bras don’t have the benefit of wires to help tack at the sternum.

3. Minimizer bras many times do not touch at your sternum. Many times minimizer bras are designed without center panels, and their main purpose is to reduce breast projection. So, they could be pushing your breast tissue together in the center thus not allowing tacking at the sternum. And, this is fine.

So, here is your Center Panel Test. Poke your center panel or bridge towards your chest. Does your panel rest on your sternum or does your entire bra move when you poke your bra in the center? If it’s moving (and you do not have touching or splayed breasts), chances are you could go up a cup size and get a better fit.

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