Bra Tips And Tests: The Jump Up And Down Test

Jacqueline Wells

bra jump up and down
This test is particularly great for the women with larger cup sizes. Hop up and down a few times while wearing your new bra. Do your girls stay in their cups? If yes, you’ve got a winner. If your breasts start bouncing like crazy and seem to be coming out of your cups, you’ve probably got a band size too large. If you get a lot of flesh wiggle along the top of your bra cups, your cup size could be too small. But, keep in mind that unless your bra is a sports bra, there will be some movement—it just shouldn’t be so much that you feel pain on your breast’s down swing.

If you are trying this test while wearing a demi, balconette or plunge bra, all bets are off—these styles don’t promise to keep you contained if hopping.

If you’re looking for a high impact sports bra, this jump test is a must. In fact, 10 jumping jacks in a sports bra is a quick test of its support.

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