Bra Wardrobe Must-Have: 3 To 6 Everyday Basic Bras

Jacqueline Wells

A woman should have a collection of bras that she draws from for everyday wear—a week’s supply at a minimum. You’re not alone if you wear the same bra a few days in a row; most of us do (assuming it isn’t soiled by perspiration).

everyday bras

But, instead of wearing the same bra for a few days, alternate two or more bras over a week. The reason? A bra should have a day off between wearings. Body heat tends to relax the fabric. It needs time to return to its original shape. Also, an extra day lets the bra air out and feel fresher the next time you put it on.

Everyday bras can be seamless or seamed. The important point is that they support you, look good under your clothes and are comfortable.

Also, consider different bras for winter and summer. For winter, bras with padding actually provide extra warmth. For summer, consider including a supply of lightweight, cotton bras—they’re cooler and more comfortable in the heat.

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