Expect Better for Yourself. Find the Bra You Deserve.

Why do we women hold on to some things for so long—old loves, grudges and bras? I guess I should just speak for myself on all those fronts. And I do hang on too long. I have a bra that my college boyfriend gave me nearly 15 years ago. I will tell you that I don’t know if that bra even fits anymore.

If your body is anything like mine, it has morphed and changed immensely since college. I’ve gone from a B to a C cup three times over. I feel like have to be a bra martyr and squeeze my C’s into B’s because I shouldn’t have gained that weight and surely I’ll get my weight back down any day now?! So when my weight stayed the same over six months, I pushed my bras well past their shelf lives.

Instead of beating myself up for body changes, I’ve decided to that I will purchase a new bra every six months based on what my real, true size is at that time. I can let go of whatever the last six months has been and treat my body with the respect it deserves. It’s also time to let go of old bras of every other size I’ve ever worn—spring cleaning for the top drawer!

Along with my bra martyrdom, I’m careful to not splurge too often on my wardrobe because 1) I need to get rid of all of the clothes and lingerie that I haven’t worn in the last year 2) I feel guilty for spending money on myself. The truth is: proper bra fit impacts your breast health. Wearing a bra that’s too tight can restrict the flow from nearby lymph nodes to the breast, potentially causing lumps and infections. Also, poor-fitting straps can create undo back pain and poor posture.

Let’s face it; none of us deserve that! Bras are one of the most essential investments we make in our wardrobe. They need to fit right. In order to keep proper-fitting bras in rotation, I have to let go of the old ones.

Do you hang on to certain wardrobe items too long? Have you experienced weight changes but still hold onto apparel that no longer fits?

Meghan Barich is a writer, the storyteller at meghanbarich.com and a proud Hoosier. When she’s not crafting the next story, you can find her nose-in-a-book or walking her dog, Moose.

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