Ask the Fit Experts: What is a Minimizer?

We talk about a lot of different kinds of bras at HerRoom—t-shirt bras, demi bras, convertible bras—and we know it can all be a little overwhelming. But the truth is, it benefits any woman to what type of bra to wear when. We’re giving you a crash course in what the different types are and when to wear them. First up: the minimizer.

Andora New Minimizer Bra
Andora New Minimizer Bra // Photo courtesy of SImone Perele via Instagram

If your cup size is a D or bigger, you’ve probably heard of a minimizer bra, but you may not know exactly what they actually do. Let’s start with the basics: A minimizer doesn’t “shrink” your breast tissue, but rather redistributes it more evenly to your sides. In other words, it keeps your breasts from protruding as far out from your chest.

This Chantelle style has stretchy, non-padded cups with a silky lining that gives you a custom fit, perfect if your breasts are slightly different sizes.

C Magnifique Molded Minimizer Bra
C Magnifique Molded Minimizer Bra // Photo courtesy of Chantelle

A good minimizer will not make you appear flat on the front; nobody wants that “smushed” look. To avoid this, choose a bra that features molded cups, as this helps to maintain the round shape of your breasts. This one by Chantelle has padded t-shirt cups to offer additional shape and coverage.

This Wacoal bra has a pretty geometric floral pattern on the cups, and is guaranteed to reduce your your size up to one inch.

Visual Effects Minimizer Bra
Visual Effects Minimizer Bra // Photo courtesy of Wacoal via Instagram

So, when should you wear a minimizer bra? The most common time women find they need a minimizer is under a button up blouse. If your shirt buttons tend to gape right over your bust line, a minimizer is a great solution. Some people like to wear them under fitted tops, as they can reduce the appearance of tightness over your breasts. Simone Perele makes a beautiful one with a slightly deeper neckline, ideal for v-neck tops.

Let us know: will you be adding a minimizer bra to your wardrobe? Already have a favorite? We want to hear from you!

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