Getting Wild And Trying New Styles

Confession: I just found out that there are bras made specifically to wear with T-shirts. How am I just learning this? The answer is easy: I wear the same style of bra over and over and over. I find one that fits well and keep going back to it.

I recently branched out and bought that doesn’t have padding (I’m always afraid my nipples will show through a shirt). I didn’t realize that when I ordered my bra online. When it arrived to my home, I was disappointed. Great. Now I have to figure out the return policy and order another bra was my first thought. Then I figured I should at least try it on to see how it actually fits. It fit perfectly (100% honest: this bra was suggested to me from the bra finder)! What surprised me most was that the sheer fabric didn’t reveal my nipples.

Now that I know this about sheer bras, I will order more of them. If I had kept with my same-ol’ same-ol’ style, I’d never have opened up a whole world of bra styles. What may be a “new” style to me could be your go-to style—what creatures of habit we are!

Plunge bras, push-up bras, shelf bras, demi bras: oh my! The list of bra styles goes on ad infinitum. I’m catching up to the fact that life’s too short to just wear one bra style. Not every style is right for my breast shape and size, and that’s why the bra finder is so helpful. It enabled me to branch out to something new while making an educated buying decision. Basically, I can’t knock a particular bra style until I’ve tried it. Now I’ve tried a sheer bra with straps that behind my shoulder blades, and I like it!

Do you have a go-to bra style or do switch it up? Tell us how you came to love a particular bra style.

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