Pros and Cons: Demi Bras

demi bras
With demi bras, the cups have shorter under wires, less upper-breast coverage, and wide-set straps.

Good style for:

  • Settling breasts and shallow breasts will probably get some mounding.
  • Petite women with large breasts will enjoy the shorter underwires and reduced cup coverage.
  • Shorter wires up the center make this style a good choice for women with symmastia.

Not so good for:

  • Pendulous breasts will probably not look attractive in this style.
  • Omega-shaped breasts have too much breast tissue for this bra style. Thin and conical breasts will not fill out the cups.
  • Women looking for the same support that a full cup bra gives.
  • Large areolas could show along the top bra line.
  • Women with sloping shoulders will have strap slippage issues.

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