Pros and Cons: Longline Bras

longline bras
Longline bras have bands that extend down to the waist or lower.

Good style for:

  • Adding distributed breast and thus reducing stress on shoulders and back.
  • Relief of back pain and additional discomfort when standing for long periods.
  • Combination bra and shapewear all-in-one.
  • A columnar body shape.
  • Eliminating bumps from the underbust down.

Not so good for:

  • Short-waisted women could find the garment too long for their torsos.
  • Pear and tomato-shaped bodies will have fit issues – hips will be too tight, or the tummy will be larger than the band size. One option is to go up a band size and down a cup size to get a more generous fit around the torso.
  • Spine curvature may look more pronounced if the fabric tends to bias or twist.

Long-line bras are a fabulous style that seems to have been forgotten by most women. All women should have a long-line style bra in their lingerie wardrobe. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • Smooth lines – a long-line virtually eliminates bumps from the neck down
  • Better support – A long line distributes the support over a greater amount of your upper body, thus reducing stress to any one area like shoulders or back.
  • Clothes fit better – A long-line can reduce you enough around your torso to possibly go down a blouse size.
  • Focused support – The design of a long-line allows for focused support in specific areas such as your tummy, lower back and shoulder blades

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