Pros and Cons: Minimizer Bras

Minimizer bras
Minimizer bras are designed to reduce the projection of your breasts.

Good style for:

  • Button-down blouses will not have that pulled apart look.
  • Reducing forward breast projection in fuller figures.
  • Women with reduced projection will find minimizer bra cups a great fit – if they can be found in their size.
  • Full-busted wide-set breasts will get kissing cleavage.
  • Pendulous breasts and breasts with a non-traditional under-bust crease.

Not so good for:

  • Women wanting to avoid cleavage.
  • Enhancing breast projection.
  • Cup sizes larger than a G are not made in this style.
  • Those who perspire heavily – the breast tissue is moved towards the under-arm.
  • Short-waisted women could find their breast tissue is too high up around their neck.

Minimizer bras are designed to reduce the projection of the breasts. Large breasted women like a minimizer because they feel it makes them look smaller in the chest, and allows them to wear button front blouses without that pulling look. However, the minimizer bra style mostly goes up to G cup sizing.

A minimizer does not reduce the size of your breasts. Rather, it minimizes your breasts’ projection. Instead of pointed breasts, a minimizer bra changes the breast shape to a more firmly held mound. The cup shape is designed with a wider diameter and a shorter projection. Your malleable breast tissue is flattened and moved more under your arms, towards your center cleavage, up your chest and down towards your waist. Some minimizers push your breast tissue more in one of these directions than others. 

When buying a minimizer, you should buy one in your normal bra size. Don’t purchase a size down thinking you will get a more minimizing effect. All you will get is an ill-fitting bra.

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