Pros and Cons: Padded Bras

Padded Bras
In padded bras, padding is added to the inside of the cups to give definition, add size and eliminate nipple definition.

Good style for:

  • Small cup-sizes desirous of a larger profile.
  • Uneven breasts – especially if there are removable pads.

Not so good for:

  • Keeping breasts at their natural volume.
  • Those who perspire heavily will find that the padding doesn’t breathe – unless the padding is spacer foam or specifically says “breathable” in our description.

Any bra with some kind of padding in the cups is called a padded bra. Padding added to a bra gives definition, can add size, and eliminates any nipple definition. A padded bra can have light, medium or heavy padding, but can also have built-up padded areas at the bottom and/or along the sides of a cup. These pads are referred to as bump pads.

Padded bras with removable pads called “cookies” can be a great solution for a woman who has one breast larger than the other. The padding can be fiberfill or a molded foam.

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