Pros and Cons: Push-Up Bras

Jacqueline Wells

Push Up Bras
Push-up bras have cups with various pads to push your breasts up and inward to optimize cleavage and breast size. Straps are usually wide-set.

Good style for:

  • Shallow (but supporting) breasts and semi-supporting breasts.
  • Creating a more youthful and/or sexy appearance under strapless dresses or low cut tops
  • Smaller breast sizes wanting to look larger and fuller.

Not so good for:

  • Pendulous breasts or deflated breasts – these breasts won’t mound enough.
  • Uneven breasts will need to add an additional pad to even out the smaller side.
  • AA and A cup women will probably not see much benefit.
  • Wide-set breasts will not get kissing cleavage.
  • Women with strap slippage issues.

A push up bra is great to give the illusion of a larger breast size. The padding, if removable, is known as a “cookie.” Push-up bras are padded bras with additional padding at the bottom portion of the cup to lift the breasts, creating the illusion of a larger breast. Most push-up bras come in C cups or smaller and have wide-set straps. However, HerRoom has some push-up bras that go up to DD cups.

New push-up designs also have padding along the bottom and along the outside edges of the cups. This style of push-up bra not only lifts the breasts but also pushes them together to help optimize the possibility for a cleavage line. However, wide-set breasts and B cup size breasts and smaller will probably never achieve a touching cleavage line – there just isn’t enough breast tissue to push around to achieve this.

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