Pros and Cons: Seamless (Molded) Bras

Jacqueline Wells

seamless bras
The cups are of a single piece of fabric without seams that have been molded and shaped over a pre-determined breast form.

Good style for:

  • Not adding any additional fullness to breasts.
  • Breasts that are self-supporting or and therefore do not need a lot of breast support.
  • Smooth and natural look under form-fitting tops.

Not so good for:

Seamless bras are one of the most popular style bras sold in the US. They give a natural round look to your breasts without any seams showing. If you like wearing clingy knits or form-fitting clothing, a seamless bra will be almost invisible underneath.

When you get into cup sizing larger than a D, seamless bra designs begin to be challenged. The shape of their cups have been determined in the molding process. But when breast weight starts entering into the equation, the breast shape usually becomes compromised and sagging begins to occur. The seamless styles which tend to hold up the best in larger cup sizes are those with a second layer of fabric.

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