Pros and Cons: Shelf Bras

shelf bras
Shelf bras have an underwire, but a very small lower cup that does not cover the nipple.

Good style for:

  • Firm and self-supporting breasts.
  • Breast sizes smaller than a D cup.
  • Looking braless while having some support.

Not so good for:

  • Settling and pendulous breasts.
  • Large breasts needing support.

This bra style can also be called a “chopper bra.” Apart from being extremely titillating to men, smaller breasted women can wear shelf bras in place of a bra if they want a “natural” look, but without the sagging. If you want to go braless, but secretly wish you had some support, a shelf bra is the answer.

A shelf bra is also the name given to an additional piece of fabric with elastic sewn along the lower edge that is then sewn inside a top for additional breast support. This added fabric acts like a sling to give your breasts added support.

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