Pros and Cons: T-Shirt Bras

t-shirt bras
T-Shirt bras, also called contour bras, have a molded seamless cup with a layer of foam for shape and modesty.

Good style for:

  • Camouflaging erect nipples.
  • Uneven breasts, shallow breasts, thin breasts, or conical breasts.

Not so good for:

  • Large full breasted women could have support issues.
  • Heavy breasts can negatively impact the shape of the cups.
  • Shallow, thin and conical breasts will need a more rigid foam cup that holds its shape.
  • Uneven breasts might need an additional pad inserted under the smaller breast to insure an even look.

The T-shirt bra is actually a name given to what the industry calls a contour cup bra. This bra is a combination of being a seamless bra and a lightly padded bra. There is a thin layer of foam or padding in the cups to give a nice shape and modesty so that the contour of your nipple does not show. The public started calling them T-shirt bras because they are the perfect invisible solution to wear under t-shirts and other clingy or form-fitting clothes.

The contour bra is the best-selling bra style in America. However, it does have limitations in the larger cup sizes. When breasts get too large and/or too heavy, this breaks down the pre-formed breast shape in the bra’s cups and you can end up with a less-than-flattering bustline.

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