Classify Your Breasts: Conical Breast Shape

The base of the breast is typical, but the breast shape is more cone-like than round with the conical breast shape. This conical shape can have issues with filling out the front of the cup. A cup will look like it’s too big, while the underwire fits the breast base just fine. Conical breasts are a little unusual, and tend to exist in the smaller cup sizes (c cup size or less).

conical breasts

Bra Suggestions:

  • Contour cups bras (bras with a thin layer of foam in the cups) and a wide center panel will create a nice shape and fit well.
  • Small pads called “cookies” can be inserted into you bra’s cups along the bottom to help give you more breast volume and fill out your bra cups.
  • Push-up bras that both push up from the bottom and in from the sides will give you your fullest look and possible cleavage. A & B cup sizes will look best in heavily padded push-up bras. Make sure you adjust your breast tissue to make sure it is resting on top of the padding for optimal cleavage effect.
  • Minimizer bras (if you are C cup or larger) will give you a great rounded fit because their design goal is to round your breast projection.
  • Bandeau bras are an option because they can compress a conical breast shape and make them look more round. But, they also can make you look small-chested. Bandeau bras with underwires and lightly padded cups will look best.
  • Compression sports bras help to give your breasts a more rounded shape.
  • Avoid unstructured bras and bralettes – their lack of shaping tends to give you a less attractive silhouette.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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