Classify Your Breasts: Full Upper Breast

Full Upper Breasts
The volume of breast tissue in the upper half of your breasts is what determines how much fullness you will have at your neckline. This fullness is called “mounding.” When you see a woman in a corset with her breasts pushed up and almost spilling over, this is full mounding. Generally, we all start off with full upper breast tissue, but age, genetics, babies, illness, going braless, weight fluctuations and more can impact your upper breast fullness. This lost fullness/lack of fullness impacts how your bra will fit.

Full upper breasts are round and full above the apex of the breast. Full breasts are particularly common among post-pubescent girls. Breasts with implants are generally full as well.

Bra suggestion for women with full upper breasts:

  • All bra styles on the market fit a woman with full upper breasts.

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