Classify Your Breasts: Omega Breast Shape

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.14.15 AM The Omega breast shape (named after an upside-down omega symbol) occurs with mostly large cup-sized breasts (D cup or larger). Also known as “ball-shaped breasts” it is a shape that occurs over time due to improper bra wearing. Basically, the base of the breast (where your breast meets your chest wall) is one circumference size, but further down your breasts your circumference becomes larger – for lack of a better analogy, its liken to a tennis ball in the bottom of a sock. No woman starts out with this breast shape, and it is not a common breast shape. Also, omega-shaped breasts can be overly large for the body’s frame and thus both touch in the center and extend beyond the sides of the body.

So, with this omega breast shape defined, here is the issue; the bra cup size that will contain all your breast tissue will also have a wider underwire circumference than your crease line. Think of it like putting a teacup (bra cup) over a tennis ball (omega-shaped breast). The teacup is filled up by the top half of the tennis ball, but there is excess space inside the teacup around the circumference where the cup meets the saucer. This is the same problem with an omega-shaped breast inside a bra cup – the underwire circumference (edge of the teacup) of the bra cup size big enough to contain an Omega breast will be too large (even though your breast mass fits) for the under-breast crease of this breast shape. This too large underwire therefore does not rest in the under-bust crease, but instead slides down the chest wall to a lower position under the breasts creating pain and discomfort. And worse, these too-large/wide underwires extend out from the underarms and “catch” the wearer’s arms as she moves them.

There are many causes for large breasts to turn into this Omega shape – Years of not wearing quality/supportive bras, too often going braless, a history of gaining/losing/gaining weight over many years, and/or years of wearing the wrong size bra.

Bra Suggestions:

Cut & Sew bras where the cups are made with 3 to 4 pieces (especially side-support slings) will give the best support and shape. You will get cleavage and possibly mounding with this type of bra.

Look for bras where the cup fabric is rigid and non-stretchy.

Bras with side panels to place the breasts more front and center. This gets the breast tissue out from under the arms for better arm movement.

Full Coverage bras will be your best friend because the cup will come up high to help support your breast weight.

Plunge bras are an option.

Soft-cup bras (bras without underwires) will be comfortable, but will not optimize your shape.

Avoid most molded and contour cup bras unless they are made by a brand that specializes in full figure lingerie. They will not give adequate support, nor fit properly.

Traditional shelf-style bras, bandeau, leisure bras, and other unstructured bra styles simply do not give enough support and will exacerbate your breast shape further.

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