Classify Your Breasts: Pendulous Breasts

pendulous breasts

Pendulous breasts are when the nipple and the lower breast mass are below the breast crease line on the chest. This breast position is common after child-birth, breast feeding one or many children, extreme weight loss, a severe illness, improper bra usage, and, in general, as we age. Proper life-time breast support can significantly reduce and even prevent pendulous breasts from forming.

Bra suggestions for women with pendulous breasts:

  • Look for bras with rigid, non-stretchy cup fabric.
  • Underwires along with cut & sew (seamed) cups that are full coverage will give the best shape and support.
  • Cut & Sew bras where there is a vertical center seam in the bottom half of the cup will give you the most lift.
  • Larger cup sizes – DD and larger – will get better support if the sides are also boned.
  • Avoid bras with wide-set straps. Center pull straps work best.
  • A plunge bra can work if your upper breasts are also full. If you have deflated upper breast tissue, look for plunge bras with seams in the cups.
  • Cami bras are a comfortable solution, but your silhouette will not be lifted, full or round.
  • Most contour and seamless bras will not have enough support to pull you up and keep your pendulous breasts in place. However some full-figure bra manufacturers have created some very supportive contour bras.
  • Soft cup bras (bras without underwires) will be very comfortable, but an uplifting, rounded shape will be compromised.
  • Lightweight, unstructured, pullover, bandeau or triangle style bras are not recommended because they are all missing the structure you need.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom


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