Classify Your Breasts: Reduced Projection Breast Shape

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.14.25 AM Breasts with reduced projection have a traditional breast base circumference, but the breasts themselves do not have adequate breast tissue to fully fill out a bra’s cups. For example, the breast base fits perfectly in a C cup underwire bra, but does not fill out the cup; the cup looks puckered and wrinkled. Going to a smaller cup size means the underwire will not be wide enough, will rest on breast tissue, and will thus feel uncomfortable as well as be ill-fitting.

Reduced projection can also be the result of breast reduction surgery. The surgeon reduced the breast mass, but did not also reduce the base size and under-bust crease of the breasts. So, the original breast crease is there, but not enough breast tissue remains to fill the bra’s cups. Reduced projection breasts are rather unusual.

Bra Suggestions:

Purchase the correct underwire bra size that fits your breast crease. Then supplement your breast tissue with breast enhancers to fill out the empty space inside your bra cups.

Bras where the cups are made with stretchy (not rigid) fabric will form to your reduced projection shape for a nice fit.

Bras where the top edges of the cups have elastic will give a better shape to your reduced projection.

Minimizer bras can be a terrific solution. Their cup design has reduced projection worked into them.

Soft cup (wire-free) bras are also a solution, but a flattering breast profile could be jeopardized.

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