Classify Your Breasts: Semi-Supported Breasts

semi supported breasts

In profile, semi-supported breasts are beginning to drop. You have a clear breast crease line along the bottom of your breasts where they meet up with the chest wall. A bra may not be needed, but in order to maintain your breast placement and shape, a bra with good support should be worn throughout the day, and during athletic activities.

Wearing supportive bras on a daily and consistent basis can keep your breast semi-supported for a life-time. Going braless, wearing ill-fitting bras, and not wearing appropriate impact-level sports bras will result in your breasts moving further south.

Bra suggestions for women with semi-supported breasts:

  • All bra styles can be successful with semi-supported full breasts.
  • To achieve upper breast mounding, a push-up bra will probably be needed.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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