Classify Your Breasts: Settled Breasts

settled breasts

Settled breasts in profile have dropped so that the nipple is above the breast crease line, but your lower breast mass is below the breast crease line on the chest. Settling can occur after pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight loss, aging and improper bra wearing.

Bra suggestions for women with settled breasts:

  • Seamed cup underwire bras (cups with seams – also called “cut & sew” bras) which are also be called 3-part, 4-part cup bras are the best solution for settled breasts.
  • Seamed cup underwire bras where there is a vertical center seam in the bottom half of the cup will give you the most lift.
  • Contour cup bras (bras which have a thin layer of foam inside the cup) will work, but their shape can break down with larger and heavier breast, and thus not be as flattering as a seamed cup bra.
  • Soft-cup bras (bras without underwires) will work, but may not give you enough uplift. If you are larger than a D cup, a soft-cup bra should have seams in the cups for support.
  • Push-up bras or using pads in the cups will help to give you upper breast fullness, and will raise your breasts up as well to make you look more youthful and slender. But, this style should only be worn by women with a 38DD bra size or smaller.
  • Demi, balconette and plunge bras where there are seams in the cup design can work for you, but your upper breast tissue could look a little jingly.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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