Classify Your Breasts: Shallow Upper Breasts

Shallow Upper Breasts
The upper breast in profile shows signs of being less full. Some use the analogy of your breast profile looking like a down-hill ski jump. Many women’s breasts naturally develop into this shape from the beginning. Breasts can also become shallow over time. And, having a baby, weight loss, and/or illness etc. can contribute to your upper breasts becoming shallow.

Bra suggestions for women with shallow upper breasts:

  • Cut & Sew bras (seams in the cups) will give your best shape and support. Seams take your malleable breast tissue and turns it into a round full shape. IF you don’t mind seams in your cups, this is your best solution.
  • Bras with full coverage cups will cover the shallowness, and thus give a fuller look. However, some full coverage styles can also wrinkle in the upper cup area. And, your inability to fill out some full coverage cups could contribute to your straps slipping off your shoulders.
  • Bras where there is elasticity along the upper edge of the cups can be a good choice because they will form to your breast shape and reduce cup wrinkling.
  • Contour cup bras (molded cups with a thin layer of foam for shaping) are also a great choice and will give you a fuller look because the cup has been pre-shaped.
  • A push-up bra with a thick push-up pad in the bottom of the cup should create a mounding effect and give you upper breast fullness.
  • Bras with cups made out of stretch fabric will mold and fit to your breast shape.
  • Balconnette and demi bras are not optimal because your reduced upper breast fullness will not create a full look in these bra styles.

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Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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