Classify Your Breasts: Splayed Breasts

Splayed breast separation is where the breasts are separated, but the separation splays outwards creating a triangle shape between the breasts. So your bra’s center panel (also called center bridge or center gore) needs to be chosen carefully. If the bridge is not shaped like a triangle, the bottom of the bridge will not be wide enough, and this could cause your underwires between your breasts to tip outward and away from your sternum. Women who are splayed and have large breasts can find their breasts extending past their sides and getting in the way of arm movement.


Bra Suggestions For Women With Splayed Breasts:

  • Bras with a wide-based triangle shape center panel will fit you best.
  • Balconette and demi bras have shorter wires and therefore can be a comfortable bra style solution, but look for ones with seamed cups.
  • Bras where the center is made with cording, or has center underwires that barely come up between the breasts, like a plunge bra, can work for you.
  • Splayed breasts DD cup size and larger should consider bras with tall side seams (3” or taller) and cups with side support panels or side slings along the outer sides of the cups to help get your breasts more front and center.
  • If you are experiencing rubbing or chafing by your bra on the outside edge of your breasts near the underarm, it’s probably because all your breast tissue is not getting inside your bra cups. This can be corrected by leaning forward, and moving your breast tissue fully into the cups with your hands. If this tissue doesn’t all fit in your cups, this is a sign that you need a larger cup size.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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