Classify Your Breasts: Thin Breast Shape

Thin breasts are where the base of the breasts have a smaller circumference than standard breasts. Also called tuberous breasts, this smaller breast circumference causes the breast shape to appear slim and long. Thus, thin breasts tend not to fill a bra’s cups completely. Standard underwires have a built-in diameter that is too wide for this breast shape. Therefore, standard industry bras will have a tendency to rest far below your breast crease line. This in turn is uncomfortable. Thin breasts are rather unusual and are usually a C cup size or smaller. In the second row above, the tan lines tell this story – the underwire is resting well below the crease line. Most women with thin breasts will also have wide-set breasts as well. So, touching breast cleavage is not possible.

thin breasts
Bra Suggestions:

  • Traditional underwire bras are not recommended – they are not likely to fit properly and the underwire ends in the middle of your chest can poke your sternum.
  • Soft cup bras (bras without underwires) will be comfortable but not give you great shape.
  • Push-up bras can do a great job in giving you a fuller look.
  • Push-up bras with padding both along the bottom and far side of the cup are particularly flattering.
  • Placing cookies (removable pads) along the bottom of your bra cups will help fill out your cups and give you a fuller breast shape.
  • Contour bras made with rather firm foam can give a more rounded shape and hide the inability of your breasts to completely fill the cups.
  • Plunge bras can work because the wires will come in low at the center along the sternum and thus be more comfortable.
  • Bandeau bras and compression sports bras can give a flatter rounder breast shape to thin breasts. However, though you are getting a rounder look, your breasts will also appear smaller under the compression.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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