Classify Your Breasts: Wide-Set/Splayed Breasts

Wide-Set Splayed Breasts
Wide-set/splayed breasts are a combination where your breasts are both wide-set and splayed – there are 3 or more finger-widths between your breasts, and the breasts splay outwards creating a wide triangle-shape between the breasts. The center panel of you bra is again, key. It needs to be triangle in shape, or barely have a center panel at all. If your breasts are large, you can find them in conflict with the movement of your arms. Underwires could be uncomfortable under your arms as well. It is very unlikely that wide-set/splayed breasts of any size will be able to create a vertical cleavage line.

Bra suggestions for women with wide-set/splayed breasts:

  • Bras with a wide triangle-shaped center panel will work best.
  • Bras with side support panels in their cup design will help push your breasts out from under your arms and in from the sides to give you a better forward shape.
  • Front closure bras are a good choice because the center clasp tends to cause wider set cups. This bra style is a good choice up to DD cup sizes.
  • Bras with seams in the cups (and a wider center panel) will give you a more rounded and youthful breast shape.
  • Soft cup bras (bras without underwires) will be a more forgiving fit, but you will not get great shape and definition.
  • Center panels made of cording and plunge bras will probably fit you better. But, look for the widest center panel you can find.
  • Push-up bras that both push you up from the bottom and in from the sides will be your best choice for creating any possible kissing cleavage.

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Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom

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